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Reptile Solutions

Please give a brief description of your business and the services you offer

We are a mobile zoo facility specialising in reptiles, providing educational shows and displays throughout the Mid North Coast. We also provide services such as reptile relocation (snake catching), consultancy and training, educational resources and sell a selection of snake bite first aid products.

How many years have you been in business?

Reptile Solutions started in 2015, to provide reptile relocation & consultancy, in a part time capacity outside of fulltime employment as a zookeeper. In 2020 I shifted into full time operation of the business and began its primary operation as an exhibited animal facility, to further my passion for conservation and wildlife education.

How many staff do you have working in your business?

A lot of the time it consists of the 3 Musketeers – Me, Myself, & I…. However I have a great small supportive team behind the scenes that are invaluable in the business operations and care of our animals

Tell us something fun about your workplace! 

Engaging with people and seeing their enjoyment and passion for wildlife and being able to connect, share and grow that passion. It’s always a highlight when were able to help someone overcome a fear or phobia

What advice would you have for a new business?

Stay grounded and true to yourself, dont loose yourself in chasing success, competion etc. I think too many businesses can be impatient in their growth and development and loose sight of their core goals and passion in pursuit of success… the success will come from the passion and dedication, not the other way around.

What is something about your business that people might not know?

We are one of only a few zoological facilities approved to keep our Mid North Coasts Critically Endangered freshwater turtles- the Bellinger River Turtle and the Manning River Turtle. We currently have 2 Bellinger River Turtles, with more to come in 2024, and await exciting news for the arrival of our Manning Turtles this year too! The Bellinger Turtle is arguably the most endangered species in our region and are listed in the top 25 of the worlds most endangered species, with less than 200 animals left in the wild. We are incredibly proud to be involved in the conservation of these very rare and unique animals, that are only found here on the Mid North Coast.

What is your favourite thing about living and working in the Wauchope and Hinterland community?

Community engagement, and working in with other local businesses and organisations, along with sharing and promoting our region to the many tourist visitors who come to visit and stay throughout the mid north coast

Why are you a Wauchope Chamber member?

To help support and grow our business, along with supporting our other local businesses and being an active part in our community and supporting community events etc.

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