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Go Local in the Hastings

The Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry are inviting local Makers and Growers to get on board with the “Hastings Made & Grown” campaign.

The initiative celebrates the producers and manufacturers of the Hastings region and will include a website of local listings making is easier to find local products and produce. The launch is due in November this year.

“With a diverse local economy, the Hastings region boasts a range of products that are made or grown locally.” Said Lisa McPherson Wauchope Chamber Executive Officer.

“The “Hastings Made & Grown” campaign shares the story of local businesses, promotes what’s available locally and provide an online home to make it easy to Go Local.” she shared.

Supporting local strengthens our local supply chain, creates more jobs, and builds our local skillsets
improving the expertise of our workforce.” Ms. McPherson said.

“We have a lot of innovative businesses developing new offerings and new ways of doing things. As an
example, our recent industry video highlights the story of local farmers connecting to the community with open farm days, online ordering, and subscriptions services. This is one example of how we can better connect locally made and grown with our local consumer base and strengthen the local supply chain. It can grow to much bigger things.” shared Ms. McPherson.

Local Makers and growers are encouraged to apply via to take up the
opportunity to participate in the launch of the new campaign.